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My Name is Brian and I built this site to chronicle my outdoor adventures.  I am a pretty active person and I find myself outdoors often.  I also love to take my data and analyze it later.  I am an Engineer by trade so the technical aspect of things has always interested me.  When I get back from a run I want to know all of the data, how were my splits how far did I run, was it faster than last time.  The good news is that with the GPS watches you can  buy now all of that data is at my fingertips.  You will find that I am not an expert at any one of the things I write about on here but instead I am simply a person that enjoys getting outside and doing things.  I don't really have one thing that I do as a hobby but rather go out an enjoy everything that I can get my hands into.

I am married to an incredible woman who continues to accompany me along on a whole host of our various activities, and recently we welcomed our littlest traveler along with us when we had our first child.  You will see them on here frequently as well.  There is truly nothing better than getting to experience things with your family. We believe in staying active and doing things ourselves when we can. 

I started running many years ago when I first joined the Army but didn't really start to get into the hobby until my wife decided she wanted to run.  For a while I humored her by running with her but I soon decided that I enjoyed running as well.  We were living in Missouri at the time and did a number of road races in and around St. Louis and Springfield and we found it was a great way to spend time together, either preparing for races or going to and from the races themselves.  Ultimately we ran the St. Louis Marathon a first for both of us and she was hooked.  I on the other hand decided to take a hiatus from long distance running.  (I'm pretty sure I got heat stroke during the race).  Although, recently I have gotten back into the sport and will be running in the Pittsburgh Marathon and Chicago in the fall.  I will write about that a lot on here.

I have also been a long time hiker.  I started hiking years and years ago and on a whim started collecting State Highpoint Climbs.  I Climbed Mt Washington, NH while in high school and climbed it again in College and I really just never stopped.  My wife and I went on to climb the Massachusetts and Vermont Highpoints while we were in College and since then as we move around the country I have been picking up highpoints as we go.  This will be a long term goal but it is a great way to get out and see different parts of the country.

I also have various other hobbies that you will see from time to time.  I backpack, ski, snowshoe and flyfish.  I am also planning on builing a cedar strip canoe in the near future.  I hope you enjoy the Blog and if you have any questions/ comments or any ideas for adventures I can take next let me know!

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